7 Surprising Ways to Improve Your Team’s Morale

Being an entrepreneur or a manager is not just about getting things done, it is about maintaining a healthier environment. Take time to look around your office or spend time with your team to know if everybody is happy.

Unhappiness at work leads to less productivity, negative environment, laidback approach towards work, and most importantly costlier turnovers. So, if you spend some time to better the work environment, you might indirectly save money.

Here are some simple and easy ways to improve team morale:

1. Appreciate your team

Acknowledge and reward exceptional work performed by the entire team or an individual. Show gratitude through small gifts like gifting tickets to a match, covering dinner outside or simply giving a Friday off! Express that you appreciate their efforts through written or verbal communication and give them their due praise.

2. Remind the importance of work

You might hire people to bring your goals closer and outcomes better, but what about the work your recruits do? Ask them why do they do what they do, and how do they see themselves in the future. Tell them that work is beyond a paycheck and they must have their own set of milestones to accomplish. Let them know that you’re with them in this journey.

3. Offer perks

Offer perks like having decent coffee machines, a tea room, kitchen that lets them have access to juices, and more. These are creative morale boosters that make their environment fulfilling. Offers beers every Friday and also let them choose to wear informal. Tiny perks can improve team morale and let them have less stress.

4. Profuse positivity

Positivity starts from the entrepreneur and you show it by letting them know how much you need to do, but how well you can keep your cool. When your team asks you how you’re doing, tell them that you’re fine and you’ve like the weather or you had a run in the morning or things seem to work out well. People are attracted by positivity and they tend to incorporate the vibe.

5. Provide security

If you haven’t spoken about your employee’s development in a while, it is time to take this up. To improve team morale, you have to tell them how much they’ve achieved from inception. Assure them that they have a far way to go under you so that they know their job is secure.

6. Moral boosting game

A moral boosting game reflects your own moral towards how you treat the people who work under you. You don’t literally need to play games but you can indulge into fun activities. It can start with planning a picnic, extending a Friday night for dinner and drinks, celebrating their birthdays, and more.

7. Brighten the environment

If you have a dull environment you will have a dull outcome. Look around your office and think of ways to make it look more creative. Think if you need better designs for the interior or some décor that would suffice. People spend more than 1/3rd of their week at work, so they want to look forward to a healthy scenario.

In conclusion

You might be happy with the morale at your office already, but you shouldn’t be complacent. Add more ideas and value to the workplace so that people don’t collaborate only for money. Let them have their mental satisfaction along with the wealth that they deserve. You might take time to understand, but this will keep you happy too. Not to mention, your employees will work better as a team thus leading to an overall increase till productivity.