to Quickly Setup CDN, Hosting and Domain (Pre-landing Pages)

A pre-landing page is the webpage that comes before the landing page. The landing page directs the users to the offer where they confirm their conversion. The job of a pre-landing page is to convince the users to convert so it has to be engaging. Learn about Hosting for Domains

To create a decent pre-landing page you need a Domain/Domain name, Web Hosting and a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Now let us look at the simple steps to quickly setup CDN, Hosting and Domain for your Pre-landing page.

Set up Hosting

There are a number of web hosting companies out there. You need to find one that provides the hosting you are looking for. For example if you are looking for Cloud Hosting, Amazon’s Amazon Storage Service (AWS) is a good option. Each web hosting company will provide you with the set up guidelines.

Create and configure the buckets for your website

The contents of your website are stored as objects in a location on your host’s servers called a bucket. Your bucket should share the same name with your domain. Follow your Host’s guidelines to complete this step. Domain name create your Online Store

Upload your pre-landing page files and Deploy your Website

At this point, you should have a ready to use pre-landing page on your PC. Use the guidelines provided by your web host to upload your pre-landing page files to the buckets you created. After uploading your pre-landing page, it becomes accessible on the World Wide Web and you can send traffic its way.

You can stop at this step but if your hosting server is not located close to your traffic’s GEO, you stand to lose users slow loading speeds of your web pages.

Register a new domain

This will cost you some money but it will be worth it in the end when your returns are increased. There are a number of trusted domain providers, from whom you can buy cheap domains. Your domain name should match your bucket name as stated in step 2 otherwise you have to delete your buckets and create new ones sharing the domain name.

Associate your domain with your website

After you have deployed your website and registered a new domain name, you need to associate the two. How to Setup Domain and Hosting For Your Self-Hosted WordPress

Speed up your website by connecting it to a CDN

A content delivery network (CDN) makes the content of your website available from data centers around the world known as edge locations. This improves the loading speed of your website.

Make sure you choose a hosting company that provides detailed instructions for each step.